What I do

Design is a team activity. There are no more design heroes. I'm a design facilitator.


Design Thinking Activities

I am focused on making things happening together with the team. The solution is not anymore into the designer’s hand. Best ideas comes by putting together people from different perspective and insights. My role is to:

– Build a shared understanding of the audience . Highlight the product’s opportunities and pain points.
– Set up a process, create a framework so the team has a vision and is focused in solving the right problem at the right time.

  • User Journey
  • DesignStudio-2
  • Design with Postits
  • Design Thinking - IDEO
The “Design Thinking” consists mainly in 3 phases:

1. Explore as much options as possible by quick ideation and brainstorming
2. Find patterns and connect the dots
3. Converge to the most desirable / viable / achievable solution. It’s a purely a team based activity — stakeholders, users, designers, developers, customer support should be all in.

It is also a truly User Centered Design approach. The team have to create a shared understanding about the audience needs and pain points so we design solutions oriented to help them.

Activities varies depending on time, people, resources but usually includes:
– For building a common understanding about users : User journey reviews, personas creation.
For the ideation phase: brainstorming, post-up sessions, How Might We questions etc.
To find pattern & connect the dots : affinity grouping, personas targeting, group-voting on key themes/features
Converge the the most desirable/viable/achievable solution : the Design Studio technique eg. The group draw sketches of possible interfaces / interactions

User Centered Design

Focusing on what drives the audience.

Contextual Inquiries

In order to understand properly the audience and figure out the job they have to do for “hiring” the product there are several activities to do:

Getting Quantitative info:
– Website analytics (measure and define the key metrics)
– Surveys / polls and user feedback

Gathering Qualitative knowledge:
– User interviews and contextual inquiries
– User feedbacks/forums
– User testing sessions

Interaction Design

Designing for mobile first

Before being UX I was visual designer. I love crafting pixels and still enjoy when I can.

However for the interaction design part, I am currently more oriented on process. I built responsive projects and setup some experiments on flows and frameworks to streamline the process as much as possible.
It is of course an ongoing work in progress as the market is constantly changing regarding new devices and trends.

The main thing about creating responsive experience is not to focus on pages but on components that make that page, eg. Design Systems.

The process I’m currently using consists mostly of creating:

– Define element collages (or style tiles) for defining and engaging a conversation to set up a visual direction of the product/feature.
– Mock up (as a team) sketches with the mobile first design approach.
– Prototype as soon as possible and validate with the users if it works.
– Create UI toolkit and living styleguides which define the UI design systems.

Ideally we don’t want to design anymore pages, but maintain and iterate on a living prototype constantly updated with the elements designed in the toolkit.

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About Me

Facilitating workshops

I’m a passionate Sydney-based User Experience Designer.

I am currently working as Senior UX Designer at ABC Open focused on the product’s design strategy.
I work  with a talented team of 10+ amazing people from various background (editorial, marketing, development…).

I have worked in different type of environment. From freelancing to agency & large scale organisations.

I am familiar with all sorts of methodologies and process (I experienced waterfall, agile, lean UX, design thinking) but I strongly believe as there are not one particularly better than the other. So I adapt.

My job is mostly to setup directions and process to achieve realistic goals.

From the research phase where I gather requirements from the business and the audience to the production phase where we produce desirable, achievable and viable outcomes.

In my day to day job I facilitate workshops, conduct user interviews, define user journeys, analyse audience needs and ideate on realistic team-driven solutions.
I also enjoy playing with graphic software and crafting interfaces.

Please go to my Linkedin profile to get my updated CV.

You can also follow me on twitter if you want to know what I’m up to.